Club 2000

This is your opportunity to win up to R20 000 and have your picture taken by signing up today from as little as R50 per month. Winning the prize is an added bonus to the contribution you make to enhance the quality of life for people living with life threatening illnesses through the provision and promotion of palliative care and enabling them to die with dignity.

For your registration form contact Shimeah Sheldon:

There are 3 clubs that you can participate in:

There are 3 Clubs to participate in namely Club 2000, Club 2002 and Club 2003. You can choose to sign up for any one of these or to all 3 at the same time and increase your chances of winning one or more of the cash prices. With 7 prizes guaranteed per month per club, having a ticket in each club, means that you could win up to R60 000!!! There is no limitation on tickets per person, so buy yours today and let’s get you winning with St Luke’s Combined Hospices.


1st: R20 000
2nd: R2 000
3rd: R1 000
4th: 4 prizes of R500


1. Prizes are allocated on a lucky draw basis each month and audited by independent auditors

2. Winners will be notified after each draw and posted on our website for all to see – with your permission only

3. Any unclaimed prizes will revert to St. Luke’s Combined Hospices after one year.
To view the winners for each month, please click on the button below. Thank you to all members for their continued support, it means a great deal to our organisation and the communities we serve.