Nov 17, 2020 | St Lukes | 0 comments

The impact of Covid-19 on our lives, civil society and economies around the world, is unprecedented however, we, as an organisation, have taken strict heed of the messages from our President, Cyril Ramaphosa, as well as those in the know, our scientific and medical experts.

From the get go, we implemented all guidelines stringently. This has kept us save in the face of the worrying increase in COVID-19 infections.
Here are some of the initiatives that are now imbedded in our new way of life. We:

  • sourced food parcels for patients, by using different means of communication such as the broadcast media, to ensure that our patients are cared for nutritionally as well as medically and emotionally
  • wear all required PPE, both in our patient wards, our offices and when we are out visiting patients in their homes
  • adhere to- and hold others accountable for sanitizing protocols and recommended health and safety practices in the wider community
  • when patients and their families struggled to adjust and missed the physical touch especially when they needed comfort from our nursing staff, social workers and spiritual- and bereavement counsellors, and by adhering to the COVID-19 protocols, we were able to continue providing quality palliative care while keeping their own life and the lives of their patients safe. We provided psychosocial services virtually via the different social media platforms. Virtual hugs added a special touch at the end of each session
  • introduced expense saving initiatives for our amazing staff in a time when so many families were faced with financial ruin
  • introduced work from home practices for a period of time
  • ensured that wellness support is available to our staff that require a lending hand when they are having to hold another’s hand
  • Still had fun in the midst of the pandemic – we participated in the Jerusalema challenge initiated by our President
  • celebrated our 40th year anniversary as an organization on 16 August 2020. Pulling out all stops, we put together our very first virtual event and a successful one too.
  • made our own documentary (with the help of a cinematographer, a scriptwriter and a voice over artist), showcasing our work and our history from humble beginnings. This was no mean feat at the peak of the Corona virus pandemic. The documentary is available on the ABOUT page of our website.

We are immensely proud to say that at St Luke’s Combined Hospices, as a collective of like- minded, focused individuals, we continue to manage the stresses and strains of the pandemic with focus, resilience and compassion.

News feed submitted by Michelle Lehmann-Shantall and Zarah Domingo – Oct 2020.