We welcome donations of all pre-loved items including clothing, books, furniture and bric-a-brac items. These can be dropped at any of our shops or our head office in Kenilworth, 92 Harfield Road.

Alternatively, we come to you, contact us on:

+27 (0)21 762 2148

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Make a gift from your will

There can be many ways of supporting St Luke’s Combined Hospices and one of them is through bequests. By definition, a bequest is a gift that is made through a person’s will. It can include property, furniture, paintings or nominating St Luke’s Combined Hospices as a beneficiary on an insurance policy.

The type of bequest can vary according to the individual circumstances and can take the form of :

  • A Specific bequest – a gift of personal property, including stocks or shares, to a specific recipient.
  • A General bequest – a gift of a particular sum of money to a designated recipient. We will keep any information about your intentions confidential at all times.
  • A Percentage bequest – a stated percentage of the donor’s estate
  • A Residual bequest – all or a portion of what remains of the estate after specific and general bequests are distributed.

Your bequest will provide vital funds for Palliative Care to help ease the final days and weeks of those who do not have much longer to live. Your gift could make a greater impact by providing new Hospice facilities in communities not yet covered by the existing service. It could also be used to fund the training of more Palliative care staff or even to name a room or special wing in your name or that of a loved one.

Should you wish to make a bequest towards the work of St Luke’s Combined Hospices, kindly contact:

Email Ronita

Email Irene

+27 (0)21 762 2148